Rigging and "Turn-Key" Plant Relocation

Expert Packaging Machinery Movers

Packaging equipment relocation is not as easy as pick and place. Converting Alternatives has well over 30 years of experience relocating single units to entire plants. Precision, safety, and care are all held at the highest standard by the rigging and relocation team. Optical alignment equipment allow units to be installed within thousandths of an inch both square and level; an instrumental capability when installing web-fed equipment. Taking over virtually all project management, CAI’s turn-key relocations take all weight off customers’ shoulders. Rigging, electrical, plumbing, and fabrication are all supported by the expert CAI staff.

When relocating equipment, many customers find it an opportune time to give machinery the attention it's due. Whether it's simply clean and paint, or an entire rebuild, our team has it covered.

Have a project that requires optical alignment? Our optical engineers can help!

Past Equipment Relocations:

  • Kidder CI Flexographic Printing Press
  • Starlinger tubeTEC TX Tuber
  • Starlinger multiKON bag convertors
  • Zerand Platen Die Cutters
  • Zerand Folding Carton Printing and Die Cutting Press
  • Fischer & Krecke (F&K) Central Impression Printing Press
  • Martin Automatic Unwind
  • Martin Automatic Splicer
  • Martin Automatic Festoon
  • Mercury Die Cutter
  • Wolverine Flexographic Printing Press
  • Windmoller & Holscher (W&H) Bagging Lines
  • Bobst Gluers
  • Bobst Sheet-fed Die Cutter
  • Bobst Lemanic Printing and Die-Cutting Press
  • Isowa Hooper Swift Unwind
  • Isowa Hooper Swift Splicer
  • Isowa Hooper Swift Festoon
  • 55" Zerand 800 Series Platen Die-Cutting line w/ 2 Zerand Print Decks
  • 55" Zerand 700 Series Platen Die-Cutting Pre-Print Line
  • BSW Ecotex1600 Bag Extrusion Line
  • BHS 7-Color Press, Convertec Cutter, Martin Turret Unwind


Converting Alternatives has saved customers millions by offering the option to rebuild their existing equipment rather than purchasing new ones. During the refurbishment, equipment will be assessed by our skilled team of engineers to find any discrepancies in bearing races, rollers, and even machine surfaces. As precision is of utmost importance in the packaging industry, any and all issues can be resolved by our in-house machining capabilities.

Some of our past equipment rebuilds include:

  • Zerand Platen Die Cutters
  • Wolverine Flexographic Printers
  • Kidder Central Impression Flexographic Printers